This binder has everything you need to make it through a crisis.
Get The Sh*t Happens Binder!
Don't let your family get caught off guard when disaster strikes.
This binder has over 50 pages of everything you need to be ready when an emergency happens.
Accidents suck, but it's easier when you're prepared.

This isn’t your average emergency binder.  

It's got it all

It’s filled with all the information you need to get through hard times like:

  • Insurance documents 
  • Contact info for your loved ones (think grandma, aunty, your neighbors)
  • Emergency contacts
  • End-of-life arrangements
  • Financial information 
  • Medical information

This binder has everything you need to make it through a crisis.

You never know when something bad is going to happen, so be prepared for anything with the Sh*t Happens Binder. 

Make sure you have this on hand in case of an emergency – you’ll be glad you did.

Order your very own Sh*t Happens Binder today

You Need This Binder If...

You're the primary financial decision-maker in your family and your partner would be lost without you.

Your parents are getting up there, and you want to make sure they have everything in order should you need the important information quickly.

You haven't taken the time to organize your personal and financial information (yes, that includes medical) and don't know where to start.

You have no clue where everything is and wouldn't be able to pull things together quickly.

You're ready to have peace of mind with your affairs.

No One Plans For An Emergency
That's why YOU need this today!
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The Sh*t Happens Binder
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